Client Testimonials

"Firstly let me say that it is really nice to be greeted by happy smiling faces and people who are keen to get in and do the job at hand. 

The cleaning was was of a high standard and I was certainly happy with it. We have quite a lot crammed into this house and consequently some parts of the house are not too easy to clean. One day when we find a place for the things on the floor it might be easier. 

I was very happy with the cleaning. 

Thank you."

Mrs M

"I was wondering who had cleaned today. I have to say they were amazing!! 

A massive thank you for putting the washing out too ! Really helpful - it’s those little things that really make a difference! 

Very pleased and very impressed ! 

Many thanks again."

Mrs S

"I have to tell you that we have tried two previous cleaners and were very disappointed with what they did - or rather didn't do. 

Having Cream Cleaning who obviously knows what to do and gets on and does it makes a pleasant change.

Thank you."

Mrs Mc

"These ladies are a godsend and are the best cleaners we have ever had. Incredibly thorough with a very high standard of cleaning and very flexible at adjusting to tasks that they undertake in accordance with your changing needs. 

They are excellent at communicating what they have done. We can't thank them enough as they have made a huge difference to our lives, given us back our weekends and enabled us to spend more time with our son without worrying about cleaning the house.

Thank you Cream Cleaning."

Mrs G